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Some books just… just butcher our hearts with paper thin knives.

Hi! Are you having to run this blog all by yourself? I've noticed that you haven't been posting as much as you used to which makes me sad because your facebook/tumblr pages are my favorite! Would you consider getting someone to help you so you can post more? Thanks! :)

Well, not at the moment, but if I’m in need of help I’ll post about it, surely. :)

hi zeudon! i'm so happy that you've come back! I mostly follow your FB page (I just got a tumblr) , but your page is amazing! everything you post I can relate fully to and I love the fact that theres a page for bookworms, because before I found it I thought there weren't enough of us in the world. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks! you're the best

THANK YOUUUU. It means a lot, really.

I don’t get on my computer much these days (and tumblr’s app crashes on my phone) so I just post on the page, and forget to check the blog

Sorry about the late reply, and thanks again!


FIRST BOOK THIEF TRAILER: the Girl, the books & the voice of Death.

And so it is – just on eight years after The Book Thief was first published, here are Liesel, Hans and Rosa, Max and Rudy in the first official trailer for the film, and I can’t lie – I’m writing this with my heart still loud inside me. As I said to a few people close by after watching it: “I’m fine! I’ve just got something in my eye!”

It looks absolutely stunning, and it’s very hard to hold the emotion at bay.

Sophie, Geoffrey, Emily, Ben and Nico all look magnificent…and I will just say to all the loyal readers out there who might be wondering if Death narrates the actual film, as he does in the book:

The answer is an emphatic


Whilst I’m able to tell you that detail, I can’t say anything else just yet – except that I’m looking forward to seeing how Death enters the screen, and to hearing him speak. Whatever happens, I can leave you now with two small but certain facts:

Just as he does in the book, Death will help look after us.

And he’ll do his very best.

Holy mother of reading. The Book Thief’s trailer is OUT!

 (by BONIL)

All the bloody time, yeah. 

 (by BONIL)

All the bloody time, yeah. 

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Perks of being forgetful.

My sincerest apologies for being unable to post on Tumblr.

I kept forgetting the password, and worse, the email id of this account, which should explain my disappearance(s).

I also have been unactive on the FB page. For which the only reason was… getting so engrossed in reading that I hardly checked FB. 

And… I was quite surprised to see the inbox full of new messages which I had somehow assumed won’t be there. Alongwith the notes and stuff on some posts.

Glad there are still those who sometimes check this blog. 

Love y’all. Have a nice day!

- Me

I like very much your Facebook page ! :) But I really wish you would also feed more your Tumblr too. Best wishes from France.

And truly. Now that my memory’s cooperating and I’m not forgetting passwords as easily, perhaps you’ll be seeing  more of this blog. :)

Have a nice day, mon ami! 

Hi! I love your posts! And if you haven't read Tamora Pierce yet, then you should! She's an amazing author. Let me know if/when you do, and I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Thank you!
I haven’t, but I really want to! I’ll surely give them a go sometime! :)

Hello! I siriusly love your page and your blog! :D I was wondering if you know any Inheritance Cycle blogs? Thank you! :3

Whoa what the hell. I’m pretty sure I replied months ago. o.o Either my Tumblr’s been a wreck from the start or Idk what, I’m sorry.


There’re some IC ones I know of (I guess you must’ve discovered a bunch before this embarrassingly late reply, but still)

I hope they’re still active.

Happy reading! 

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  • "Do you even read them?"